The girl with roses


Sitting on the Marine Drive, a girl approached my friend and me. She was selling roses. Insisting us to buy roses. On asking her to pose for us. She cheerfully agreed. She got tired after posing for a while. And sat with us on the pavement, unfolding her story. Sitting beside me, looking at her pictures on my camera. She got curious, wanting to know how a camera works.

At a tender age of five, selling roses. Not knowing where her mother would be, no acknowledgment about other family members. With no worries about the past, present and future. She inspired me in every single way possible.

In that particular moment, on that particular day. Being far more luckier than her, in every aspect, I was far less happier than her.

In that air of distraction, she posed with utmost sincerity and carelessness. My friend offered her money as a token of thank you. She refused to accept the money. Somehow convinced her to accept the money. In return, she hold my fingers, and handed me a rose. Saying, Rakh lo(Keep It). She made my day.

I think, as grown ups, we often forget to cherish the child inside us. Appreciate what you have rather than what others have.

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