Who I am?


I’ll tackle this “Who I am” challenge by introducing myself through these ‘Twelve Random Facts’ about me.

1. My name is Radhika.  I came to Mumbai on 2nd June,2015. I am studying Filmmaking and TV production. For next, two years, you will find me in Mumbai.After this I don’t know where will I go. For all those bank forms and other forms- I don’t have any permanent house address. My college address is my permanent address.

2. My mother tongue is Hindi. I write my diary in three languages- Hindi, English and French. I think, I speak in two- English and Hindi.

3. I studied in a convent school. I always hated my school, but I love my school campus a lot.My friends and I used to reach school earlier than other students. We used to have a walk in that beautiful campus. We used to discuss life, career , intellectual and not so intellectual stuff. My school campus will always be the most beautiful and peaceful place for me. I still miss my school campus.

4. Since teenage, I believe in competing with myself, ONLY. I don’t believe in comparing myself or my life with any one else. At the end of the day, I try to be a better human being than yesterday.

5. My love for food is known to all foes and friends of mine.

6. I love to travel. You will find my footprints in almost every state of India. In future, I might leave everything behind ( phone, laptop, camera and other stuffs). And start living, for sometime, in some abandoned place in the Himalayas. The only reason, I have not done this yet, is because my mother will freak out.

7. When I was in 4th standard, during my English conversation and recitation exam, my teacher scolded me really like a monster.Because of which I lost all my confidence in reading and talking to people.I still remember how my left leg used to shiver , when my turn for class reading used to come. Although I got stuck with that for a long time( till 8th standard) , but I got over with it.But believe me, even when I was in 12th standard, and if out of the blue moon I saw her, chills used to ran through my spine. Now, in college when I give my presentations confidently. In my mind, I really thank all my earlier classmates who helped me in recovering from that experience and supported me.

8. I love to read books. I used to have more books than clothes, in my cupboard. When I was a teenager, I was the member of three libraries in my city.

9. I know how to play guitar. Its been five years now, but I am still stuck at beginners level.

10. According to,
My father- I am, rebellious and stubborn.And my mother and sister has a big hand in spoiling me.
My mother- I am sensible, wise and careless. She wants me to enjoy my life to the fullest. And be financially stable in life. (which she doubt, I will)
My  sister- I am half mad, very lazy. Who never cared about the society.
My younger brother- he is still discovering me as his sister.
My dearest friends-I am extremely careless in keeping up with my good health. They behave, as if I am going to die because of my health, in upcoming years.

11. I am usually not scared of anyone. But I am scared of ‘myself’. I don’t know the reason.

12. It’s been almost eight months to my college life. I have experienced a lot of development and changes in me. Some changes, I have accepted. Some, I am still struggling to accept in life.

If there is anything else You want to know about me, ask!

Thank You, for taking out your time to read it.


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