What happens when you are hurt?

I don’t know what it does to others. But now I know what it did to me.

First of all, tears starts pouring down when you are alone. You don’t want to face the world. Because that person was a memorable and happy part of your world. And now, the phase of life has changed that person. Very often, you might have to meet that person in the journey of life. And now you don’t want to face that face. You want to keep those good memories treasured. Which are now being stolen by circumstances.

You start feeling that your eyes are becoming sunken. Your appetite loses its grip on your stomach. Your voice also starts fighting with the world. With all the happiness in the journey, warm tears starts falling on your cheeks. They makes you realize that they are also there. And will be competing with happiness, endlessly.

With all the drama. You stop hoping about anything that will stop those tears. But still, with passing hours, days or may be months. You starts realizing things. In life, you will be hurt by people. And some days, you will also hurt them. All that is there to be learnt is that even if someone hurts you. Just smile. Cry for a little while. But smile. It will make things easier.

Just remember, if that person has hurted you then that person  also gave many good things to remember and learn in life. Smile for those memories. And life will smile at both of you.

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