Stealing few hours of life from exhausting days.

From my cupboard, found few tube paints, water colors and some unused paint brushes.

I recalled that as a child, I used to spend my summer vacations painting. Sometimes sitting in the store room, away from everyone, painting for hours. Sometimes sitting on the dinning table. Sometimes early morning painting of a tree or even of a joker. I used to buy extra paint colors and coloring books. Filling every page of the coloring book and then thinking why it finished so fast.

Tonight, I sat with those paints, a sketch book and old set of oil pastels. Switched on the old radio set. Which I gifted to my mother. Tune in to All India Radio. Started listening to old melodies. The RJ was talking about Shashi Kapoor’s life.

With my door opened to the balcony, I was feeling the cool air. I started to paint. A tree. Took reference from a website. I was admiring how few colors got mixed so well while others didn’t get along.
In the end, I sprinkled red and yellow color on my painting. My fingers were looking beautiful with paints on them. The sprinkled yellow and red paint left their impressions on my side table and on the hard disk kept on it. The chair too,was not spared by touch of those paints.

I found a rusted piece of my childhood life breathing inside me. I re-lived few memories.

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