Demystifying Trust!

Today someone told me “ Now, I am not a trustworthy person anymore”. I accept that but with a little twist. No one on this planet is completely trustworthy. We play several roles in our life. Family roles, professional roles, social roles are few to mention. We are entangled in these inter related roles. If we try to play one role the integrity of other role might be constantly challenged. This challenges the perception and belief of others towards us. The ideologies will clash. And that clashing makes all the difference. Things are not right or wrong. They are just ‘differently right or wrong’ for different people. And in this, the sanctity of relations would be challenged by us constantly.

If someone breaks your trust. Or if you breaks someone’s trust. Then there are two things that should be reflected upon. The person itself or that incident. Which is of more importance to us, deciding that is crucial. If the person is more important then the incident should become oblivion. And if the incident and its ripple effects are important, then the person should exit your mind.

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