The unnoticed character.

My batch mates and I were shooting a small scene for a short film. The scene was set on a cigarette shop. One is playing the role of a spot boy. Holding the camera bag and the water bottle. Smiling widely while watching the shoot. The two others were acting. The writer is the cinematographer. I was assigned for audio recording. Everyone was an active part of the drama going around.

Apart from us, there was one person who was equally participative. The shopkeeper.Sitting on his stool, inside the shop. Wearing shades. A red tikka on his forehead. And top buttons of his shirt were open in style. He himself was looking like some famous bollywood character.

As the camera used to starts rolling, he used to become camera conscious. Smiling. Acting and playing the silent role in the best possible manner he could. Even if nobody asked him to do that. As soon as the camera used to roll off, he used to ease his posture. And attentively listened to our discussions.

We stayed there for quite a time. He added a different flavor to the whole experience. In the end, his expressions too were adding elements to our story. Although nobody noticed that.